Monday, February 09, 2009

A Hot Mess

I don't know much about rap and had never heard of MIA before this evening. I guess she performed at the Grammys last night on her due date. I can't say anything about her talents as a rapper, but gotta say I don't agree with her wardrobe choice. I don't even think that people who aren't pregnant should wear something that ugly!!!! I do have to say that she looks pretty good for a prego though.
Here you have to give her props for standing next to the freakishly thin Katie Perry in another hot mess of a dress. Gotta love the matching kicks though.

I love the term "hot mess" and have been wanting to use it here for a long time. This seems like the appropriate situation. Another favorite is "redonkulous", a word heard on the lips of teenagers in my class 2 years ago and recently coming from the mouth of my eight year old.


Allison said...

Holy crap. She looks like a tent in the blue disaster, and a cow in the polka dots. She needs a new image consultant. Yikes.

Michelle said...

How come people with so much money dress like such clowns sometimes!! These outfits are ridiculous!! I could do a better job than her fashion expert maybe I should call her for a job! Ha Ha

Two Pearls said...

I was pretty impressed with Katy Perry's pink dress for the red carpet, but what is her obsession with wearing fruity (literally) outfits when performing? The outfit the other night had plastic fruit on it while they projected images if fruits behind her. And when she was on the Today show a few months ago, she was dressed like a slice of watermelon. What am I missing?