Monday, February 02, 2009

Various Stuff

  • I am watching some entertainment show and have to say that I just love Dev Patel (the kid from Slum Dog Millionaire). He is so stinkin' cute. I think I am developing a little crush on him, maybe it's the ears.

  • I am more than slightly disgusted with all of this occtuplet mess. At first I thought "That poor couple, they must be so overwhelmed". Then it became "What the heck, there are six others?". Which let to "Who the hell is the idiot who put in 8 embryos????". Today it was "She's single and 33?!?!?!?". There is SO much wrong with this whole story.
  • I am tired of being sick. It seems I have reactive airway, which is kind of like reactive asthma. I was good for about a month but then it flared back up last week. My new doctor told me last week when I went in all I need to do is call the office and he will give me refills on my meds since I recognize what is going on. What a concept, a patient could know what is happening in their own body without spending $25 for 5 minutes in the doctor's office.

  • I am pretty sure that this will be the only year that we go to our agencies New Year Party. We had a good time, but would rather get together with everyone in a place with tables and good Chinese food. We will miss out on the dancers and music, but that is okay with us.

  • I think I need to get a CD of Chinese music. Annika really liked the music that the dancers played at the party.

  • I thought the superbowl ads were a little week yesterday. My all time favorite add is the herding cats commercial (it is really old)

Gotta go so I can spend some quality time with Chuck since I haven't seen him in a couple of weeks. Never found the dang 3D glasses though.

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