Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This is the cut off, but we'll give you an extension

As a teacher, I am kind of a stickler for things being done on time. It drives me nuts when things are handed in late. I think if your given a deadline, that should be it (unless there is a very special outside circumstance that is beyond your control like severe illness, some type of dismemberment, or your death). I know that not everyone shares the belief that a deadline is a deadline and you are ready for it or you get left behind.

Apparently the US government is one of these groups. The commercials for this stupid digital television conversion have been annoying me for the last who knows how many months (seems like forever). There have been special town hall meetings and training to apply for coupons and special programs with instruction on how to install the boxes. The countdown was started on our local television stations. I was so happy it was almost over. Then I heard that our brilliant government has decided to extend the conversion until July. WHY??????? If people aren't ready at this point they don't deserve to watch television. They should get to sit in their recliners and watch a glowing box without even snow to entertain them. Why can't people be held accountable for themselves?


Jan said...

Bravo!! Well said!! Totally agree!!

Keagan said...

I totally agree! They need to at least stop playing the commercials for a few months so that we can all get a slight break.