Monday, December 15, 2008

We made it through...

As you may or may not know, my area of the world was hit by quite a little ice storm ice storm on Thursday night into Friday morning. We woke on Friday to no phone service but full electricity. David got up to leave for work but was unable to leave the neighborhood due to a tree hanging from a power line in the middle of the main road out. He returned home around 8 and shortly after that we lost our power. We had a great day. Alex was worried about surviving with no computer or video game or television. I was mainly concerned about the lack of running water since we are on a well. We built a gingerbread train, finished our Xmas decorations, and got all of our presents wrapped (the room in the basement with a window was the perfect place to hide and play elf). We called a bunch of hotels and were lucky enough to get the last room at the local Holiday Inn with the rocking diner. When we headed out around 4:45, the line was still down in the road, but the work crew had just showed up to clear it. They had it taken care of in about 15 minutes (even though they said it would take 45 minutes). We checked in at 5:10ish and got a call from our neighbor around 5:20ish that the electricity was back on. We decided to stay put just in case it went back out.

We got home on Saturday morning, power restored and no property damage, although there is part of a tree laying in our back yard. We got off so lucky. We were without phone and Internet until late this afternoon but didn't even lack power for 12 hours. We had no school today and Alex is out again tomorrow and will be going to work with David.

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