Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Silly Girl

I haven't posted a list of Annika's latest tricks for awhile so I thought I would give a little update.

  • I never thought I would have to say to David "Don't give her anymore broccoli until she eats some of her chicken fingers." She LOVES green vegetables, actually any kind of vegetables. She actually got angry this morning that I wouldn't give her peas that were still on the table from last nights dinner. She loves hummus. She sucks it off of whatever I use to feed it to her. She will try anything and usually likes all of it. It is nice to have someone else in the house that likes the same things I do. Now I have an excuse to buy avocados.
  • She loves to dance. She has started dancing for entire songs and then clapping when the song is over. It is really cute, I need to video tape her.
  • She walks every where. She has started to walk in public places now. She kept wondering around the shop when we went to get her hair cut the other day. She bowlegs it everywhere, generally with something in both hands.
  • Everything is a telephone now: pencils, straws, shoes(Alex says she thinks she is Maxwell Smart), etc. She will even put her palm against your ear so that you can talk on the phone. At first she would just put something to her ear and walk around that way. Today she started babbling entire conversations. She was very excited to hear the phone ring this afternoon when the phone came back on.
  • She loves to cheer. Anytime there is any kind of clapping on television, she gets all excited, claps and says "YEAH!!!!". Her favorite is Family Feud although she also fond of football.(The combination of the phone infatuation, dancing, and love of cheering have me wondering where the teenage years are going to lead. )
  • She has been very good with the Christmas decorations. She has only touched them a couple of times and that was because she got too close while she was pointing and "OHHHHing". I did catch her one morning hitting two Christmas balls together, but once they were moved to higher ground everything was good.

I am planning on taking some pictures and video over the next couple of days so hopefully I can post them soon after.

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Anonymous said...

I am missing the kids so much and can't wait to see them next weekend. Just hope that Annika thinks I am as neat now as she did this summer. I can just see the phone conversations with the palm of her hand - reminds me of when the girls were little. I am really missing that stage for some reason (could be all the yelling, fighting, and sassing that goes along with this stage but I don't know :). See you next Saturday!