Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm #2

I was told this afternoon that I am now Alex's second favorite girl behind Princess Annika. He said she really needs to be first because she needs more love and attention until she gets a little older. he promised that we will eventually be tied again.

This sibling love fest is really too much. Since the moment that they met it has been all giggles and hand holding and hugs. He is obviously the most wonderful boy in the entire world and can usually do no wrong. He finally has someone who will chase him around the house and always gets the biggest belly laughs. Some days, she's ecstatic to hold his hand in the car after we pick him up from school, I look back and there they sit with their hands across the gap between the seats. He sings to her in the car when she gets cranky, that annoying African lullaby in some unknown language that he learned last year in music class.

It is wonderful to have two children that think so highly of each other. We were really afraid of how Alex would react to having a sibling, having been an only for such a long time. They have their moments where she looks like she could kill him if he wasn't so much bigger than her or he is sick of her squawking from the car seat because she is tired of it. But the majority of the time, it is love, love, love. They make quite a pair!!!!!

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