Monday, October 06, 2008

Baby Boy

My baby boy turned EIGHT yesterday!!! EIGHT!!!!! We had a slumber party on Saturday night to celebrate. He has been wanted to have one for the last couple of years so we finally caved this year. Six eight or nine year old boys, 15 hours at our house, BIG FUN!!! We had a couple rough patches, but everyone ended up with a little over 6 hours of sleep and lots of Wii hours logged. I would do it again (with a slightly different guest list though).

We went to the doctor today for his annual physical. He checked in at 59 inches and 96 pounds. He has grown 4 inches and gained 30 pounds over the last year. H just keeps growing. He completely skipped the size 10. He doesn't even seem like my little boy anymore (besides the way he acts LOL). I am anxious to see where he will stop. I did a thing online when he was younger that predicted 6'4" as his adult height. That seems low to me but I'm sure it is based on some kind of scientific technology. I think he will be taller than that but hope it isn't too crazy. Guess we'll just have to hang out and see what happens.

** I just redid the predictor and it says 6'9" at age 21


Georgia Girl said...

Whew! I for one am excited about this news, because the "predictor" for Baby #2 said she would be 6'4" and all signs are pointing in the direction. She's only 9... 123 pounds... wears a woman's size 9 shoe and is about 5'1". I would like to go ahead and draw up an arranged marriage proposal between she and Alex... if that's o.k. with you... she'll need a man who's just his size! Perhaps they could split the difference and live in Virginia?

amy said...

Hope he had a great day!

Two Pearls said...

Happy Birthday Alex! We'd love to meet you and your sister someday!