Monday, September 29, 2008

The Olden Days

Alex was telling us this weekend that he has a friend who owns one of the very first video games every made. It is so old that it is from the 1900s. He made it sound like that was a very long time ago (I guess to a 7, almost 8 year old, it is). We nearly blew his mind when we told him that there were no video games when we were his age. He wanted to know what we did with our time. We told him we played with toys. He said "Yeah, they were probably wooden", guess he thinks we were pre-plastic as well. He always thinks its horrible that David grew up without McDonald's (lived in Panama until he was 18).

It is so strange to think how fast things have advanced since we were younger. My senior students are all freaking out right now because they are starting to apply to college. They think it must have been almost impossible to not only find schools but to apply without the internet (add to that the fact that they are totally reliant on their guidance counselors to file their applications and they would have been totally helpless back then). They just laugh when I tell them about doing research projects without the internet. I have found myself saying "Back when I was a senior..." alot this year. Heck, I can even talk about internet-less college. How did we ever survive?!?!?

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