Friday, September 05, 2008

Yes, We're Still Alive

It has been such a long time since I have posted anything it is a little embarrassing. We started back to school on the 25th and the time since then has been a blur. Annika has started daycare and Alex is back in school as well. I am hoping to get ahead of my work and get my body adjusted to getting up around 5 am again so that I can actually have some energy to do some fun stuff. (Now that I finished those damn grad classes, I have all kinds of free time on my hands.) Here is a brief summary of the last two weeks.

  • Annika started day care. She seems to love it there. She doesn't have any problem being left in the morning, because there is toast and cheerios ready and waiting when we get there. Her friend M helps her eat every morning. She started greeting M with a smile yesterday morning which is the first time she has done anything like that with someone besides family. She loves her teacher and crawls behind her around the room when she isn't busy playing that is. She is getting used to the napping and eats anything they feed her (of course, she is definitely one of us).
  • Alex is in 3rd grade now. He is starting cursive next week, which he seems to be excited about. He has met some new friends in his class and has his best friend in there as well. He seems to like his teacher and seems to be happy to be back.
  • I am teaching all honors this year. I had never taught an honors class before last year, I was actually a little scared to teach one (alot of these kids are alot smarter than I am). I guess I am doing okay though because I went from four classes of Anatomy and Physiology last year to six this year which means I have a full schedule.
  • We went to Connecticut last weekend and met up with some friends from New Jersey. it was really fun. They have two kids, 11 and 12, so Alex was in hog heaven playing with the big kids and Annika never had to worry about being put down for too long.
  • I am soooooooo happy that football season has started. My Chiefs are going to get clobbered by the Patriots this weekend. That isn't going to stop me from wearing my new Tony Gonzales jersey and yelling at the from the recliner though. I LOVE football and so does David. This is the only time of year that you will actually find us at home on Sunday afternoons because we have to be here to watch our games.
  • We are having a first birthday party for the Spicy Girls tomorrow. The girls in our travel group from Annika's orphanage will all be turning one between mid September and mid-October so we are having a party for them tomorrow at our house. 7 of the 13 girls and their families will be coming over (there was going to be 8 but unfortunately B is sick and can't make it). I will post some pictures tomorrow or the next day.

Well, I need to go because it is almost time for David to be home. Friday night means dinner out and tonight we also need to go grocery shopping. Plus, the munchkins is headed my way right now so I need to free up my hands.

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Georgia Girl said...

I* AM* SO* JEALOUS!!! The "birthday party" sounds like so much fun... I would love to see the girls again... and the parents too, of course! Tell everyone we said HI and hugs to all the babies from Miss Lilly!
p.s... I have noticed you've been gone a while... glad to know you're "alive!" Welcome Back!