Friday, August 22, 2008

Jon and Kate

During the last week I have developed an afternoon TV habit (yes, I can't believe it didn't happen until the last week of the summer either). I watch What Not to Wear(which persuaded me to go out an buy a very cute wrap dress), than switch to Bravo to watch whatever is on there (Shear Genius(has been added to the TIVO line-up), Top Chef (finally found out who won this season), or Project Runway(I'm so far behind on this one, I think I have missed the last 3 episodes because the Olympics have messed up my TIVO list). After my Bravo stopover, I turn back to TLC to catch a little John and Kate Plus Eight. I had never watched this show before this week. I like it but find aspects of it extremely annoying at the same time. The kids are so stinking cute, the one with the glasses is just too much. I can't even (and don't want to) imagine having 8 kids, OMG what a zoo our house would be. I'm sure that it helps to be as organized as the mom is (I admire that about her), but she gets whacked out my the littlest, weird things. One thing that really annoys me is the way that the mom treats the dad. It may just be the way that they show it on television, but, man, that woman can get on your last nerve. She tells him to do one thing and then either yells at him for doing it or complains that he is doing it the whole time (although some one in my house may say I am the same way, I, of course, would disagree). I think it is kind of funny that the lady who talks to them during their little interview sessions calls her on her over-reactions from time to time.

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