Friday, September 05, 2008


I am a sports talk radio junkie (esp. in the mornings) and two things have happened this week that I just have to comment on or I am going to die from not getting it out of my system.

1. The former Chad Johnson (outrageous (and I usually think funny) wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals) has legally changed his name to Chad Ocho Cinco (his jersey number is 85) so that he can put that on the back of his jersey (I guess the NFL thought it was stupid also because it took them a week to officially announce that he would be able to put it on there). Although I don't know more Spanish than is necessary to order a cheeseburger and ask where the bathroom is (what else do you really need to know?) I am pretty sure that ocho cinco is not 85 but rather eight five. Seems like a rather extreme measure to get a stupid nickname on the back of your jersey.

I have decided that we should all get new last names as well. David is going to be Mr. David Circle Star.

    Or maybe David Grill Master (since he bought a fancy new grill today)

Alex will be Master Alexander NintendoDS (no explanation necessary)

Annika is switching to Ms. Annika Whatadoll, she may already think that is her name since she hears it everywhere we go.

I have not decided on one for myself. I could do Ms. Carrie Blogaddict, but that doesn't seem to fitting since I have become a blogging slacker. It could be Ms. Carrie Cutnsew since I am a quilter. Or maybe Ms. Carrie Bonesnguts since I teach anatomy and physiology.

2. The second knucklehead is actually two people. Two brilliant former Kansas basketball players decided to have a little party this week during the NBA rookie education thingy. Seems they got caught with women and marijuana in their hotel room even though both were not allowed. Maybe they should have stuck around Lawrence for a few more year, although I'm pretty sure you can't teach common sense.

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Allison said...

I like Bonesnguts. And David wins with Circle Star. Hmm...what could I be? Allison Happy Nerd?