Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Our care package was delivered on April 22 at 4 pm. Hopefully Annika gets the contents.

Now we just need to get our visas and we are golden. We sent the applications on April 7 and haven't heard anything since. Our agency was going to check on them today, but I haven't heard back from them at this point.

I am sitting her looking at our beautiful girl while I type this (She is my desktop and I arranged the internet window so that I can type and see her at the same time, pitiful I know). I can't wait to plants some big kisses on those sweet cheeks.

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Two Pearls / New England H Family said...

Hey Carrie - just posted this on Steve/Jen's blog, but thought I'd copy on yours too...

I went back and looked at the timing for our visas. We got our referral on 4/9, FedExed the visa apps on 4/12. Our TAs arrived on 5/1 at CAWLI, and the passports with visas came back to us on 5/3, which was also the day the CAWLI confirmed our departure date. So, I'm sure it will be on its way soon!!! I can't WAIT to follow your trip!!! Gosh, I wish I were going along for the ride. Well, not the plane ride...3 hours is about my normal limit! We're heading south tomorrow - I just hope Sophie does okay on the flight. We have an evening flight...you know, right around the "witching hour"!!!