Monday, April 21, 2008

Stick a Fork in Me, I'm Done

According to our agencies estimates, we will be leaving for China in exactly four weeks and 2 days. That means I have around 15 more days of school left before I become a mother of two. Five more weekends without a baby in our lives (one of those in CHINA!!!!). I am starting to get anxious. I am to busy to spend much time dwelling on what is about to happen. Sometimes I think that it is so great that I have some much to do because I can't dwell on what is about to happen. Others I would just like to sit down and spend and evening research her province or read the adoption books that I never read (pretty sad considering I have had over two and a half years to get the reading done) or learn a little Mandarin from the CDs that were loaned to me by a student's mother or sewing to relax. But instead I am reading anatomy and physiology textbooks and studying biochemistry (HATE THAT CLASS) and grading and making lesson plans. It is getting harder everyday to do work and not to just work on packing or getting the house ready. Right now I should be working on my next section of biochem but am posting this instead. This afternoon I switched my summer and winter clothes around and cleaned out the coat closet instead of making a quiz. All that means is now I get to stay up later this evening to get everything finished (UGHHHHH). I will be so happy when it is May 16th and this class is done and I only have a couple of more days of school before I am free to do nothing but love on Annika and Alex for 3 months.

By the way, they attempted to deliver our package today but for some reason it was not actually delivered. Hopefully it will be delivered tonight while we are sleeping.


Steve and Jen said...


The same thing happened to us with our care package. They attemped delivery on a Saturday and then then a couple days later the tracking said delivered. Then we read that sometimes packages don't get delivered if you put a value on the customs form (which we did). So we got nervous that it didn't actually get there. We are sending out a new care package tomorrow with $0 as the value just in case.

Two Pearls / New England H Family said...

Hi there! Speaking of researching the province, there is a great book store in the White Swan. They sell books about each province. We bought the one about Suichuan, but have since noticed that it mostly focuses on political history in the area, not so much the geography, industry, etc. But there might be other good ones there. We also bought a lot of kids picture books there with the Chinese characters and pinyin pronunciation for animals, foods, etc. Good books!

Two Pearls / New England H Family said...

Oops - made a mistake - it wasn't a book about Suichuan, but about the Jiangxi province. Brain not working yet this morning!

lisaslotnick said...

Hi Carrie:

The same thing happened to me. I was so nervous that the package was not going to get delivered. It was confirmed today that it has been delivered. I put $0 value on the customs slip. Give it another day or so and hopefully it will be delivered. Also, you can call USPS and have them trace it for you if you don't see it soon.

Good luck and looking forward to seeing you soon.