Thursday, March 13, 2008

Working on my Pregnancy Weight

Well after 26 months of pregnancy, I am finally starting to eat like a pregnant woman (Some may say I have always eaten this way, but it has been worse in the last week or so). I just cannot get full, plus Easter candy is out and, oh my, how I love Easter candy. I am craving sweets and ice cream. I really need to get this under control or we may have to get an extra seat for my butt on the way to China. During the wait I have maintained a pretty consistent (although over the limit) weight. It has gone down a couple of times but usually ends up bouncing back to the original number. I the pattern I have been following the last couple of days continues, I am going to go very the usual and that is just too much. I need to lay off the jelly beans and find some fruit and vegetables. I really want to be able to climb THAT Wall before we get Annika (Luke) and now that I won't make it too far in my current condition.

(A funny note: when I proof-read my post I had spelled weight "wait" in the title.)

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New England H Family said...

Oh, I can so relate to this one! About 5 years ago, I lost 35 pounds on Weight Watchers and kept it all off until about six months before my referral, when I added 10. I lost 8 in China (not your normal diet, food not within my grasp 24 hours a day, lots of walking in hot weather), but I put it all back on when I got home!

Now, I'm doing WW at Work again and am down a few. I'd like to get rid of just a few more before vacation in late April...