Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Has anybody else noticed how "boring" the wait is now that we know we are next? (I know there are hundreds of families out there who would probably give various body parts to be in our position so I am not complaining.) I just mean there is no suspense this month. After over two years of "How far will they get this month?", we just sit and wait. It seems unreal that we actually are next. I don't think I will really believe it until we go to the office and get handed the picture and referral info. I may have to have someone pinch me just to really be sure though.

Although it still seems unreal, I have started doing some expectant mom things. (David is my witness that I am not nesting, there is no excessive cleaning happening around here.) The last two times I went to Babies-R-Us (once to buy a gate and the next to return it) I have parked in the expectant mother parking spaces. I am telling everyone that we are next (we better be next China, no screw ups on this one): people I told 2 years ago we were adopting, total strangers at swimming lessons, other moms at cub scouts, my students, pretty much anyone who will listen.
No need to visit the queendom, we can all pretty much guess a window for the when on our own. I still check into the forum to look for info on travel and to see if there are any other useful threads. It's just not the same though. I hate to say it but I don't see myself as someone who is going to be checking in on those behind us in line (unless, of course I am already following them). I am definitely going to stay involved with my LID groups and the adoption community once we are home, but I don't see myself being a rumor follower once this is over.

We are holding off on the shopping. We've bought most of the baby things that we need that don't have to do with a specific age, size, or gender, so there is no more shopping until referrals arrive. I don't want to buy clothes until we have an idea of a size. My new anxiety is that we will get referred a boy (would be disappointed about missing out on sundresses and pigtails,but already have one boy who rocks and am sure the second one would as well) and we'll have to redo the nursery and bedding and ebay all of the clothing that we have and buy all new stuff. We already have a lot of pink and daisies and that wouldn't work well with someone named Luke. Once I have that little picture I will definitely go out and do my part to help the economy. After years of looking at girls clothing, I can't wait to get started. Here are somethings I already have my eyes on, just waiting. (We'll worry about boys clothes when the need arises.)

And don't forget the shoes. Of course there will be Chucks, but she will also need the following.

These are just like mommy's.


Anonymous said...

Did i miss something? Did you request either a boy or a girl?

Carrie said...

We requested a girl, but there have been some boys referred to families that requested girls lately. Just gives me something else to worry about it.

Julie Siegel said...

I'm with you....the wait is boring -- er, make that *was* boring -- until yesterday, with this business in the Netherlands. Just waiting for this to blow over.

I'm still trawling the 'Net looking for rumors, though. I can't help myself. First thing I do after we get referral is drop a couple of useless Yahoo groups that I only belong to to trawl for tidbits.
OK, maybe not the first. Maybe the second, third or twenty-fifth thing I do. But soon.

That "total babe" t-shirt is a riot.

I posted a bunch of other stuff to you from work that somehow vanished. Probably didn't make it through their firewall.

Somebody commented, claiming to be the Queen of the Clearance Rack. I was just hoping I could be Duchess or something, if the queen spot is already filled.
There might well be a trip to Kittery in my future. I had no idea there was a Hanna Anderson there.

As for the boy/girl thing, it's sort of like being pregnant in the days before ultrasound, right? With the added dimension that we don't know whether we're giving birth to infants or toddlers, or heck! Preschoolers!

Three more weeks (give or take),


New England H Family said...

Hi Julie - I'm the self-proclaimed queen of clearance rack shopping, but there is plenty of room in this world for Dutchesses, Princesses, Empresses of something or another!

Gee, I know y'all will be a little busy for the first few months you're home, but maybe we can seriously plan a Saturday shopping excursion to Kittery in late summer or early fall with (or without) the wee ones!

Carrie said...

A shopping trip sounds like a good idea to me. By that time we will be thinking about fall/winter clothes and all of the summer stuff will be on clearance. We should do it.

I was hoping to have a beach trip sometime this summer if everyone was up for it as well.

Julie Siegel said...

I'm up for ANYthing. Darn it, I'm just so disappointed to have the whole summer off for Family Leave! It's killin' me!

Can we start this week? ;-o

Carrie said...

I am ready to go!!! I can't wait to have her at home and to be free to go do whatever we want. I guess I do get to do that every summer though, its just there will be two little people to drag along this year.