Monday, March 10, 2008

Hanna Anderson

We went to the outlet mall in Kittery awhile back and there is a Hanna Anderson outlet there. I have been waiting to buy too much until we have an age, size, and gender (little concerned about this one), but it was Hanna Anderson and they were having a good sale so I had to get a few things. Here is what I got. Can't wait to go back once we know what size she is.

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New England H Family said...

Oooo...I love their clothes! I've also taken a new liking to Gymboree stuff. When they have sales, it's a great deal. There is a gymboree outlet in North Conway that I bought a lot of stuff at a few weeks ago!

Being the self-declared Queen of Clearance Rack Shopping, I think we'll have to make a little run out to Kittery sometime this summer. When can get Sophie and Annika together and have a girls shopping day! I suppose we could let the guys in on the fun too. K likes the Trading Post in Kittery. He just doesn't like waiting for me to make my way through the clearance racks in all the stores!!!