Sunday, March 16, 2008

We're Having a Baby

Does anyone else have the urge to stand in the middle of Babies R Us and scream "I'M HAVING A BABY TOO!!!!!!!" I have been out lately looking at baby things and feeling a little out of place. There are all of these pregnant bellies, hands on lower backs and women waddle through the aisles. We went to Pottery Barn Kids this weekend and there were families with the pregnant mommies and then there was us. Two weeks from finding out who our baby is and no signs of her coming. I have been pregnant, it was nice, I don't want to do it again. Don't care to experience the stretch marks, the heart palpitations, the blood clots. I am not complaining about not being pregnant. I am complaining about not having a clear sign to others that we are having a baby. In a few weeks we will have a picture which I am planning on taking everywhere and showing off to anyone who will listen. This new wait seems to be harder (in a different way) than the other wait. Yes we are next, but I want everyone to know it. I am so happy to be having another child and I want everyone to be able to share it with us.

Okay, enough whining about that. Is anyone else going crazy not being able to buy clothes. We went to the mall yesterday and it was killing me to see all of the cute stuff and not want to spend money on anything until we knew a size. They had the CUTEST stuff at Pottery Barn Kids (Yes, I know they don't have clothes. We liked their lamps and bedding). I think we will hit the one in Natick when we go for lunch with our travel group in April. I don't even know where we are going to start with the clothes shopping. I know Old Navy will probably be stop #1 (gotta have the "Total Babe" t-shirt) followed by Target (have you seen the shorts there, O.M.G.).

Gotta go do some work for school tomorrow. It is getting so hard to stay one task, I am feeling a little ADD these days.


amy said...

thanks for your honesty..Cant wait to see that sweet face

Julie Siegel said...

And don't you just love when you go to Babies R Us and buy something and they look at you earnestly and ask whether you'd like a gift receipt?

NO. IT'S FOR PERSONAL USE, thank you (smiling sweetly). WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE, A GRANDMA? (ok, well I *am* old enough to be one, but never mind that)

As for Natick Mall, since I live about 15 minutes away, I've mastered the art of getting in, hitting Gymboree, Jane & Jack, Pottery Barn Kids and Gap Kids, and getting out in the minimum amount of time. They all used to be bunched together, but Gap moved down a level when it turned into the "Collection" at Natick. Still, as Duchess, I feel I can help you with your mission.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh Carrie you are soo close!


Carrie said...

That mall is awesome. If I lived where you do I would go there just to sit among the "birch" trees in the she-she section of the mall. Plus you get to have a Container Store. SO JEALOUS!!!

Alyson & Ford said...

We just recently bought our first piece of clothing for our future daughter (a large toddler size). We don't know what size she will be either. What a LONG WAIT!! Hang in there.

Alyson LID 01/27/06 (and older than dirt...).