Monday, March 17, 2008

Lucky O'Leprechaun

Alex and the neighbor boy, R, decided on Friday that they were going to build leprechaun boats to send to Ireland. They want to send over boats so that the leprechauns can come to America and take a vacation. They have planned out life boats and emergency escape airplanes and submarines. There will be 11 boats for the 1000 leprechauns in Ireland. 10 for the "normal" leprechauns and one for the king. In addition to the safety supplies, the boats will also contain a "human size" pie (because it will last the entire trip) so they won't get hungry and a GPS system so they can find their way. Alex called my parents on Friday afternoon to tell them about the plan. It was a very long, very animated conversation.

On Saturday morning, my parents found a leprechaun doll. They sent it in a box with a letter from Lucky the Leprechaun. The box arrived today (a new record for USPS, Kansas to us in 2 days; kind of funny it arrived on St. Patrick's Day). Well, now the excitement is even greater than it was before. He really believes that the package came from a leprechaun. He wants to write back but doesn't have Lucky's address. The doll has been named Lucky O'Leprechaun and has automatically been added to the bed gang that currently includes Buddy the Build-a-Bear husky (another new obsession, both Build-a-Bear and huskies), Nick (Buddy's miniature friend), and William the Webkin Polar Bear.

Wonder how long this is going to last.

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Two Pearls / New England H Family said...

Ha ha! Sounds like Alex and EJ are made to be friends! Since he has a good plan for leprechauns, she can focus on the fairies (there is a fairy house in her room right now too). The leprechaun left a gold coin in the fairy house too (or he brought a fairy with him last night).

The Christmas Tree Shop had the little buckets...

EJ has 3 Webkins (I think - losing track) and probably 3-4 Build A Bears (most that she got from birthday parties). And she's working on a drawing of a husky for her school's mascot!