Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Step Right Up and Take A Guess

I have seen this questions on a few blogs lately. So I want to get your best guesses for our newest member. We requested a girl as young as possible (David also added potty trained (he has major issues with dirty diapers, has already called dibs on wet ones only) and able to not only clean up after herself but also get her brother to clean up as well, but I don't really want to deal with a teenager adapting to moving to America, so he probably won't be getting his wish).

So what do you think?? How old will she be? Will David get his wish for potty trained?? Will I get my wish for a little snuggle bunny in diapers who still takes a bottle and will get to celebrate her first birthday with us (fingers crossed)?? Will she be a she (hopefully since we have so much pink)? Where will she be from?? Leave your best guess and we'll see who is closest in a couple of weeks (a COUPLE of weeks, YEAH!!!!!). I want guess from everyone (even YOU, the lurker who never posts(there are a lot of you)). I get a lot of hits but only about 7 people ever leave a comment, so this is your big chance to come out of the shadows.

(My personal guess is right around a year old, not potty trained (Sorry Baba David, you will have a second round of diaper duty), girl (hopefully with enough hair for a cute barrette), and I have no idea about where she will be from, I'll say Hunan because they have good spicy food there (have to post about my food fears sometime soon))


Anonymous said...

Confessions of a lurker, yes that's me. We have the same LID 1/5/06. My guess is right up there with your quess, although hoping for younger and definiately with a lot of hair!! Love your blog!!
Jan & John
Stamford, CT

M3 said...

My guess: a 7-month-old little girl from Jiangxi. :-)

Allison said...

I vote for 14 months, not potty-trained, and SHE'll be from China (sorry, I can't do any better than that...).

Carrie said...

Allison, I knew you would put that as the location LOL.

Julie Siegel said...

Oh man, I was feeling self-conscious about all my lunatic comments. But I guess you like that better than lurking....I feel so much better!

I'm guessing you'll get one who's between 9 mos. and 15 mos. Girl. I can't hazard a guess about provinces, but I'm thinking Hunan isn't so likely. There's been so much attention on Hunan as the center of corruption, etc. Murphy's law says we'll go to one of the provinces that just raised the donation, right? Of course, it's all worth it if it goes to improve the lives of the ones left behind, right?

Ruby Cate said...

I say right around 9 to 10 months, from Chongqing Municipality. Beautiful girls regardless of where in China obviously, but my heart is saying Chongqing for you. Either way, you are so close now I am smiling as I type this because frankly, you've waited long enough! IT'S TIME!!! =)


-Amy & Ruby Cate
(who is a Jiangxi, Nanchang girl.)

Two Pearls / New England H Family said...

10 or 11 months. NOT potty trained. A girl. From Jiangxi.

Gail said...

A girl.
Around 11 months old.
I was going to say Hunan, but after reading Julie's post I may have to change my mind. She made a good point, didn't think of that.
So I am going to say either Hunan or Jiangxi.
I guess we will know very soon!

Steve and Jen said...

We will guess a girl, under a year from Guangdong. Our tavel group will probably all be traveling to the same province so I guess it would be Guangdong for us all. Although Guangdong would be convenient I would really like to see some other provinces as well.

kikalee said...

My guess at DOR:
--14 mos girl
--Hunan, too close to my heart
--Not potty trained (speaking fr experience, sorry D)

So close!

Sparky said...

Ditto on Hunan. Close to my heart too. I'll even go further and wish that she is from DaoXian SWI like Grace. She will be a young one. I say 9 months old. Sorry David but there will be dirty diapers.