Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My to do list

We got the referral and travel preparation package from our agency today. It is about 60 pages long full of various forms and lists and sample iteneraries and lists and travel planning info and list. I haven't been able to read through it yet, but hope to start this evening sometime between finishing up work for my grad class, checking the queendom, making lesson plans for tomorrow, and checking the queendom.

I think that I need to start a list of lists of things that I need to get finished. I am a list lover. I am always making list for something. Half the time they get lost or forgotten or I just end up making a new list in place of the old one.

So if I were to make a list of list right now it would look something like this (The actual mother of all lists will probably be made some time this evening, so don't worry that I won't have an actual pen-and-paper list to add to and cross things off of).

1. Finish graduate school work so group members don't freak out and track you down.

  • website

  • discussion questions and problem solving

1b. Check queendom for any new info

2. Make lesson plans for tomorrow and Friday so students have something to do before break (on a side note: If you live in NE and hear about the teachers who authorized their union to take a job action, I would be one of them. Don't want to go into it here but thanks to all of the "considerate" individuals who are adding a little more stress to my life!!!)

2b. Check queendom to share anxiety and craziness with other 1/06ers

3. Read latest package from agency and figure out exactly what we are supposed to be preparing for this adventure to our 2nd child.

  • Make copy of 1st referral info packet so I can keep it in the car with what we received today. (The agency actually told us to do this in the package since we will need them at our referral meeting, so I am not just being more crazy than usual)

3b. Check queendom one last time before going to sleep

4. Plan baby things that need to be done over break next week

  • paint Annika's room

  • childproof

  • finish quilts

5. Plan den meeting next week to finish up requirements for advancements the first week of March

  • email parents (which I have been promising to do for over a week now, guess I am going to lose my good leader status!!)

6. Plan fun things for Alex and I to do over his last Winter break as an only child

I am sure that I am forgetting something but I need to go finish dinner so that I can get that out of the way and move on with my list. (I'm glad that some of you reading this are also frantically making lists right now, I know I'm not the only crazy one. To you BTDT, you know you did this once too.)

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Allison said...

So, you MUST call me if your referral comes in over break. I've been thinking of all of you!