Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pig Fun

As you may or may not know, I am a high school science teacher. I teach biology and anatomy and physiology in a large public high school her in New England. This is my first year teaching anatomy and physiology. This is my tenth year of teaching and it has always been my goal to teach anatomy and physiology. It is a lot of work since I have never taught it before but it can be really fun because they kids are really into it and want to learn (they are all honors students).
We had big fun in my Anatomy and Physiology 2 class today. The teacher across the hall had a fresh pig digestive system for an experiment that one of her students is doing. The student was out today so the teacher let us "borrow" the parts for the afternoon. The student only needed the stomach for her experiment so we were going to dissect the intestines. Unfortunately as soon as I opened the plastic bag it was very apparent that the guy at the slaughter house had not cleaned out intestines before he gave them to us. Needless to say we only observed the external anatomy. I was impressed that all of my students came over and at least looked up close and many of them felt the organs (or viscera, they like to say that word)(we all wore gloves!!). One advantage of the yucky stuff not being removed was that they could feel how the consistency of the contents change as they move from the stomach to the end of the line.
I am going to contact that butcher in a couple of weeks to try to get some hearts, lungs, and blood vessels for dissections since we are starting the cardiovascular system. I think it will be much more memorable for the students if they get to see a fresh cow or pig heart and lungs rather than just seeing the preserved ones in the cats that we dissect.


Gail said...

I had to grin when I read about the pigs intestines because that is one of the delicacies in China!!
Last trip our guide took the whole group to a restaurant. We had our private room and our guide ordered different meals for us to try. The pediatrician that traveled with us was bugging me to try this particular item. It didn't look that great and I could not figure out what it was so I skipped it and glad I did because it was Pigs Intestines!!
Cleaned out of course! : )

New England H Family said...

We saw intestines on a menu for the Cow and Bridge restaurant on Shamian Island. By the time we got to Guangzhou, we were ready to eat some western food, though! I'm a far more adventurous eater than hubby, who is more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy, but I don't think I would be up for that.

I remember dissecting pig fetuses in advanced biology class. The girl at the table behind mine passed out and crashed to the floor at my feet. That's what I remember most!

kikalee said...

I'm eating my breakfast, thanks! I visited the Super 88 market in Malden this weekend, you should trek there.The meat department is HUGE, everything from bull balls to duck tongues (a fresh pack of 50 in styrofoam) --- hmmmm, that'd be interesting for class!

Kristin said...

I consider myself to be pretty adventurous, but I will not eat anything that I can't identify!