Monday, February 18, 2008


Scattered is the best way to describe the way that my brain is working right now. I am finishing up my second grad class this week, counting down the four days to winter break, and trying to wait patiently for the rumors to start and referrals to get here.

My entire school year has been spent in kind of a haze. Learning so many new things and then turning around and teaching alot of them kind of numbs your brain after awhile. It has been 12 years since I graduated with my masters degree and things are different now. It is different to have the internet (better, but different). It is strange to take classes totally on the internet without an instructor there to help you out when you need it. I have enjoyed learning the information and it has helped me to be a more knowledgable teacher, but it can be tiring and stressful to try to get everything finished.

Now I am throwing "Mommy Brain" in on top of everything else and I am just shot. All I want to do is check the queendom or work in the nursery or go baby shopping (though it is hard to shop when you don't know how old the baby/toddler is or if she/he will definitely be a boy or a girl (BETTER BE A GIRL)) or be online talking to people who are in the same spot as us. I will be really happy when next week gets here and I can take a deep breath with no grad class and no school and just me and Alex hanging out and doing what we want.

I know that others in my spot are having the same problems. Gail and Julie have told me so. Lucky Jen and Steve are in Jamacia. laying on a beach someplace and relaxing. I haven't heard from Kristin in awhile. I don't know who else reads this that is a 1/5er, but leave a message if you've been lurking.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I feel so special to have earned a mention in the main part of the blog....even if it *is* for my lack of sanity!

Well, here I am, back on the 'Net for the bazillionth time today. I actually dug out the packing list and travel info that other agency gave us back in 2004 when we adopted dd no. 1 and started leafing through. It was progress, in a way, At least I did something besides surf. But now I'm paralyzed with fear. Holy Guacamole! I have a lot to do! And it won't be fun! Last time, it was shopping, and checking stuff off the list. This time it's digging through boxes in the basement, sorting, washing, and checking them off the list.

Hey, have fun with Alex next week. Think of this as your last few weeks as a family of three. The dynamics will certainly change when there are four of you!


Kristin said...

HI Carrie-

I too have a debilitating case of mommy brain-- and to top it off-- I'm "nesting" too. I've dusted and disinfected anything in my house that will stand still (the dog has learned to keep moving.)

The closer we get to March, the more useless I become at work. I can't concentrate on anything for too long without having to run to the RQ site or scour the internet for information.

Is this what losing yor mind feels like??