Friday, January 18, 2008

A Little Bummed

When we paper chased we were neck in neck with another couple from our agency. We attended parenting classes with them. We finished our homestudy the same week. We received our fingerprint approval before them but ended up sending out our USCIS stuff within a few days of each other. This is where we got separated. David was born in the canal zone in Panama. He is a US citizen, with US citizen parents, born in a territory of the US. I included a copy of his citizenship paper with our approval application because I was afraid there would be a problem. This info was not enough and our paperwork got diverted so that it could be double checked (I think that was the reasoning). So, the other couple received their USCIS approval a month before us. (I am pretty sure that our file got totally forgotten once it was sent to be checked. David called the USCIS to check on it and we received our approval within 2 days of that call. Too bad we listened to everyone and waited to call.) And today they landed in China to pick up their daughter.

I try to not be irritated (and bitter, and frustrated, and mad as hell) about this. I was a little down about it the day they received their referral. It made my heart hurt a little (actually a lot) when I realized today that they are a couple of days away from getting their baby.

We had hoped that we would travel together even though our LIDs were a month apart. Now it looks like that the one month of our file sitting on a desk someplace gathering dust will probably add about 6 months to our wait for our child.

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Ruby Cate said...

That sucks, nothing else to say about it that will make sense. I could say the ever so popular "everything happens for a reason", or the "you'll get the child you're meant to get" etc... but I know you don't want to hear those things. If it were me, and I'd be faced with the hurdles you guys have been faced with & then this happened, I think I'd be about ready to toss myself from the top of the highest building screaming the whole way down that it just isn't fair. Now, the jump may not be the best move, but you know, the screaming might just help. *hugs* Hang in there & just keep venting whenever you need to!

-Amy & Ruby Cate