Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy CNY

So I am running a little bit behind but better late than never. I had big plans for this years CNY but than I got lazy and nothing happened. We did go out for dinner at the same place where we ate for moon festival. There were a couple of parties going on while we were there and one of them walked through with their girls all decked out. There was one little girl who almost did me in. She was probably around 18 months old and she was a chunk (I am a SUCKER for a fat baby. If I ever comment about anyone's baby being a fatty, PLEASE don't be offended. I LOVE BABY FAT!!!!!). She was in a dark pink dress with fluffy hair and bright red cheeks. I could have just ate her up. She was a DOLL!!! We are planning on attending a FCC party on March 3, so we will do it up right that day (and get to drool over several more cuties). Alex is very excited to be meeting other kids. He is especially interested in the ones who were born in China. He is convinced that they will be able to speak Chinese even though I have explained this to him several times. Hopefully actually meeting kids from China that can talk only speak English will finally help him understand this whole thing.

(Anyway, I need to get back on track) I hope that everyone had a good time, ate some good food, and will have lots of luck in the year to come.

By the way for the uneducated like me I found a great book that I think will come in very handy in the future. It is called Good Luck Life. It was written for Chinese Americans who are a few generations away from being in China and it breaks down all of the important occasions and how to celebrate them properly (complete with time lines on when things should be done). i hope to be more on the ball and use it next year.

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