Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Guys, I think were lost.

While I was sitting home enjoying my snow day this afternoon, I looked at the window and saw a flock (do they travel in flocks?) of robins sitting in our little tree. They looked so cold, they had their feathers all puffed up and were kind of sticking together in a group. I always thought they were supposed to be the first sign of spring, so I guess these were either confused or lost. I can just imagine the conversations they must be having as they flew into our area. I'm sure that it would probably be like the long family trips that we used to take when we were younger.

There is probably a female nagging "I told you that we should have waited a few more weeks to migrate". Of course there are some younger birds complaining about being bored or hungry or their wings being tired. The leader of the flock is arguing with everyone else about stopping to ask directions, "I know this route like the back of my wing".

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kris said...

Just found your blog today... love the Robin commentary, too funny. I always thought they were one of the signs that spring was coming, and judging from these pics, they must be confused!