Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Craft Room

This is the room that we had finished in our basement that will become our "craft" room. (I think that I want to get artsy and call it "The Studio") This will be where I will sew and scrapbook. We are also setting up a table and chalkboard easel for the kids to use. Alex always wants to do crafts when I am working on projects so I thought that this would be perfect. Hopefully I can move in next week during winter break. David is going to move the satellite TV outlet from the future nursery to the basement so that I can watch television while I work. It also has a large open storage area behind a door on one side for me to stash all of my crap in. I can't wait to break it in.

I painted it this weekend and we had carpet installed on Monday morning. The paint looks bad in places because I still need to paint the white borders and touch up the blue and green in some places. The rectangles on the first wall and the square on the second wall have magnetic primer underneath them. I thought that it would be great so that Alex could hang his masterpieces on the walls after he finished them, but it isn't working as well as I had hoped. The magnets will stick to the wall, but they fall off if you try to stick paper under them. Right now we have a bunch of alphabet magnets so I figure we can practice spelling and once we master that we will get the poetry stickers. I think that I will have to hang up the mini clothes line that I had up in our old house so we can get those masterpiece displayed.

The lone square was meant to be a bulletin board for me. I am going to put my desk underneath it (that is why it is in such a weird place). Since magnets don't hold paper on the wall, I need to figure something else out. I am thinking of just making magnetic pictures to hang in there and using it as a big picture frame.

I am not totally sure if I like it right now. I always have these big ideas that look great in my head, but then it takes me a while to warm to them once they are actually finished. (It doesn't help much that David doesn't get too overly enthusiastic about them when they are finished. He is more of a one color kind of guy.) It will probably look better once the furniture gets put in . The furniture is all white and/or natural stained wood.

I will post more pictures once it is finished and occupied.


Linda said...

Love the colors that you chose for your room! It's going to be very cool once your furniture is in!

As for your magnet problems ... we used sheet metal (ours is unpainted, but you could paint it easily) ... we cut the sheet metal to size, screwed it directly to the wall and used wood trim to frame it out (and cover the rough edges of the metal).

Good luck! It looks great!

Shelli said...

What a fun craft room - I like it! Pottery Barn has some magnet tiles that you put in the wall. The are silver though.

Debberoo said...

Oooh it looks lovely!