Thursday, February 23, 2006


Okay, so we may have a situation here. It seems that we still have no LID. Our agency checked in with the CCAA last night and they would not give the dates over the phone but were willing to fax them to the agency. Some how the fax never showed up last night, so now the agency is giving it another shot tonight. There are about ten of us with the same DTC with our agency. Hopefully we will have some word tomorrow morning.

This stinks. First we get sent off for verification by the INS and forgotten for weeks and now we have a never ending wait for LID. Hopefully our dossiers are already logged in and not sitting on a counter someplace in China forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Im sorry Carrie. That does STINK!
sending (((hugs))))). I hope they tell you soon!

Anonymous said...

sorry..anonymous=danielle :)