Monday, December 19, 2005

Sign or Sighting

I went to the bank today to sign some papers. When I made the appointment the man told me that he had to meet after 4 because he had to pick up his daughter. So about half way through the meeting he says that he needs to take his daughter to the wife in the parking lot. He walks down the hall and tells her to get her stuff together and then comes back. Then I see her, she looked about 10 years old with the cutest bob haircut and was Asian. She smiled really big at me, said hello and waved. I wanted to ask him about her but didn't know exactly what to say. Eventually the conversation turned to Christmas and Santa. He brought her up and so I asked and he said that she was from China. He said that they adopted her when she was 6 months old and now she is 10. At the end of the meeting, I had to go to his office to get a business card. He actually has two Chinese daughters. Their pictures were all over the place.

So take it as a sign or a sighting, whichever you chose.


Our Journey to Faith said...

Very Cool Carrie! I love this stuff! Isnt it amazing how many things pop in front of us, especially when we need it ?

Stephanie V said...

You made my day! Thank you Carrie.