Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New Shoes

I am so spoiled. David works at Converse and in the time that he has been there I have become a sneaker addict (I know, I know, what am I not addicted to). I wear a women's size 13 shoe so there were never alot of options for me when it came to shoes until he got this job. One of the great things about Converse is their shoes are generally unisex which means that all styles and colors come in both men and women's size, which is great if you have big feet.

So, on to the new shoes. David accidentally brought one of my Christmas presents in from the car yesterday. I almost flipped out when I saw them and thought they weren't for me. Here is a picture of them.

They are VELVET Jack Purcells with a hot pink smile and hot pink and lime paisley lining. I LOVE them. Jack Purcells are my favorite Converse sneakers they are super comfy and not as narrow as a Chuck Taylor so they don't make my feet (size 13-14, women's) look like aircraft carriers. I currently own 4 pairs and would gladly take any that someone would be willing to bring home for me.

Tonight he brought me home two more pair that he got from the sample pile at work. They are also super cute and I can't wait to break them in this week.

The cream ones are updated Chuck Taylors. They are called Chuck Taylor Premiere.

The Converse link on the sidebar takes you directly to sneaker heaven if you are interested. I keep telling David that they are missing the boat by not advertising to women aged 20 and up because you could easily find a pair of sneakers to match pretty much anything. They even have Asian silk brocade Chuck Taylor that are kind of pretty.


Our Journey to Faith said...

Love the black ones with the hot pink lining! Im jealous ;)

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Those are awesome!!!
LOVE the pink lining. Hello? I could wear those with anything!

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