Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hello from the Great White/Wet North

Well, not really white yet. We are having our first Nor'easter of the season. It is Hurricane Wilma's gift to those of us in New England (I guess she didn't want us to feel left out up here). We are supposed to get snow showers late tonight but nothing is supposed to stick down here in southern N.E.. I am so sick of rain. It has pretty much been raining here for the last three weeks. It gets pretty depressing after awhile to not see the sun. In the beginning it was at least warm (50s), but now it is getting colder(low 40s, high 30s). Thank goodness we don't live were it has been flooding. On the way home today most of the bodies of water were filled almost to the brim and we are supposed to get 3-5 more inches tonight. We may have to canoe to school in the morning.

The good news is that they are predicting a sunny weekend for the first time in a month. YEAH!!!!!!

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