Thursday, October 27, 2005

So Pitiful

I am soooo pitiful. I spent 45 minutes wandering the Babies R Us that is on my way to Alex's school today. I really had no reason to be there, but just felt like "looking". I think that I can get by using the excuse that I was Xmas shopping for my four month old niece (that is what I kept telling myself anyway). I didn't buy anything, just browsed. I think that I hit every department except the boys clothing. I found two nice, reasonably priced cribs, checked out the carseat my friend recommended, investigated the snugli thingies that they say you need for proper bonding with your new daughter, and made a quick trip through the strollers. We aren't even DTC yet, but I figure it is okay to window shop and this gives us lots of time to shop for bargains(that is what I kept telling myself anyway). I can already tell that one weakness I am going to have is clothing. The sweaters alone were killin' me today. Don't even get me started on shoes. David works at Converse so I imagine she will have cute, girly Chuck Taylors to match every outfit.


Sparky said...

Don't wait until DTC to shop. Find any excuse to buy stuff for #4. Didn't know you were with CAWLI. we are too. I love them.

Julie said...

I wander Babies R Us too. But I haven't bought shoes yet! Love those sneakers!