Friday, October 21, 2005


After reading another blog this evening, I started thinking (always a dangerous thing). It is very different to be expecting a child and not be pregnant. When I was pregnant with Alex I could feel him growing inside of me, I could feel him moving, and I knew when he would arrive. Right now we have no idea when we will go get Annika and we don't know how old she will be. I think about her everyday. I wonder if she is born yet? Is she in an orphanage or with her birth parents? Is she healthy and well cared for? Is she being loved? I wonder if it was hard for her birth parents to give her up. Did they love her as much as we will?

I have started window shopping for baby thing. My friend at work thinks I am funny because I am always looking at stuff on line (cribs, infant carriers, baby dolls, real important stuff :-)). I have bought a few items already, but not to much since we don't know how old she will be or what size she will be when she comes home. Once we get our basement finished I get to start on her bedroom and I think that will make it more real. David and Alex have decided that the room should be painted bright pink.

A dilemma I am having right now is how and when to tell people. When you are pregnant everyone knows because they can see it. People stop you and talk to you about the baby, the due date, etc. When you are adopting, people only know if you tell them. Most of our friends know that we are having a second child, but I haven't really told a lot of other people. I mentioned it for the first time to some of my students today. I am planning on telling them all once we get our USCIS paperwork back. It is fun to be able to share exciting news in your life with your students because they like to know about your life outside of school.

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Our Journey to Faith said...

Carrie, I couldnt agree more. I hope our girls are loved and well cared for.

As for telling people, that is such a personal decision. We have told our family and close friends, but work related aquaintences know nothing of our plans. I wont tell my boss until im in the waiting stage. I work for a big corporation that gives very liberal time off with enough notice. Its all about your comfort level with those people. Some people I will not tell until we have a referal. Good Luck!