Sunday, September 11, 2005

School Days

Well, the first couple of weeks of school have already passed us by. Alex started kindergarten and seems to be enjoying it so far. He started class last Tuesday and was out sick on Friday with a cold, so he actually only had three days of class. He is at the same school where he did preschool last year so a lot of his friends are in his class. He is sitting next to two of his "best friends" so that makes him very happy.

My classes are going well (so far), but we are still in the honeymoon period for a few more days. It is nice to get back, but I am so out of a routine it isn't even funny. I hope to get my act together this week so that I don't feel so scattered. With all that is going on with school, I haven't had anytime to worry about the homestudy rough draft.

On the adoption front, we will hopefully get our rough draft of the home study this week. I started looking at paint chips for the nursery this weekend and have been thing about what I want to do in there. I have also started looking at patterns for the 100 Good Wishes quilt that I want to make.

Well I need to go so that I can get ready for the Chief's game. I need to dust off my jersey and figure out what channel the game is on. We have the Sunday Ticket package on the satellite. That means we can watch every NFL games on Sundays. This comes in handy when we have a Giants fan and a Chiefs fan living in Patriots territory.

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Johnny said...

Chiefs fan? Transplanted Missourian? I'm rooting for them cause of Derrick Johnson. He's fast and good!