Monday, September 12, 2005

Go Chiefs!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen!!!
A Rare and Beautiful Thing,
The Kansas City Chief's Defense!!!
I am happy to report to all of those who are unaware that the Kansas City Chiefs seem to have developed a defense over the off season. They pounded the Jets 27-7 yesterday afternoon. Up next the dreaded Raiders. And to make it even better it is on Sunday Night (WOO-HOO). (I am painting my toenails red in their honor as we speak. LOL)
For those of you who may be wondering how I am a Chiefs' fan in the middle of New England, I have to tell you that I am a transplant (by way of New York and Texas) who grew up in Kansas. There you either like the Chiefs (love 'em) or the Broncos (hate 'em). Generally if you like one team you dislike the other and if your a Chiefs fan you also hate the Raiders. I haven't really seen them play in a couple of years since we were in Cowboy country and then only got Jets and Giants games for a couple of years. Gotta love the Sunday Ticket.

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