Thursday, September 15, 2005

Homestudy Report and DTC

We received the rough draft of our homestudy report today. We read it immediately and will be mailing it back tomorrow.

In the beginning we had hoped that we would be DTC(dossier to China) by October (Foolish us!!). This would be perfect for us since I am a teacher and get the summers off. (Figured Oct. DTC = June baby). We were really motivated and got all of the necessary paperwork gathered and appointments made as early as we could. After meeting with the social worker, we realized that October was not going to happen. We had a five week window between our first and second visits because of conflicting vacation calendars. Thanks goodness the SW agreed to do all three of the final meetings in one week or probably still wouldn't be done with them. She suggested that a December DTC is probably what will happen. So, once the (very few) corrections are made, it is off to the USCIS(INS). That will probably take the the full 8 weeks, since we have to submit it through Boston because they handle all of New England from that office. Once we get our paperwork back from the USCIS, our agency gets it certified and authenicated for us and that takes about three weeks. Then we are finished.

Well, I gotta go get some sleep so that I can face rooms full of teenagers tomorrow.

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