Monday, June 08, 2009

I wonder.....

    I feel like I am in the middle of a major brain cramp right now. So much to do, no interest in doing any of it. Thought I would post instead of starting the laundry. Here are some of the things have been thinking about. I wonder...
  • how it can still be Monday. This has been such a long day. Half way through second block I realized that today is our anniversary (Happy Anniversary Sweetie!!). Had a doctor appointment after school which I had to take both of the monkeys to and they acted like total monkeys while we were there. The doctor thought it was pretty funny, I didn't.

  • how much it must suck to be named Kitten. There is a for sale sign in a house down the road and the realtor's name is Kitten. First of all, who names their child Kitten? Can you imagine the nicknames for that one?!?!?!? Second all, if that was my name I would have to go by a different name for business purposes, maybe Katie or Kitt. Guess it is a name that people remember though.

  • if this school year will ever end. We have 10 more days left at this point. I am blaming my extreme summer fever on an early Memorial Day that was beautiful and spent on the beach. It isn't hard get out of bed and drive in, but it is getting more difficult to make myself get things done in class. I actually have homework every night this week in order to get everything finished in time.

  • why only one of pepper plants has died while everything else is perfectly fine.

  • who Alex will get as a 4th grade teacher. I know who he wants to get, but that doesn't mean anything.

  • why the hardest parts of my class fall into the last month of the course. I am so ready for everything to be over at that point and usually run out of time and don't get through everything. This week we are studying the nervous system (including impulse conduction) in one class. Last week we studied kidney function (with all of its osmotic and hydrostatic pressures and nephron structures) and are supposed to be talking about acid-base balance (involves gas diffusion, ion exchange, and a bunch of other things that make my brain hurt) but have decided to dissect and study for the final instead. I love the subject I teach but it makes my brain a little numb sometimes.

  • why any fool wants to be a weather chaser. Those people are just stupid. I don't generally use that word, but C'MON!!!!! Why the heck would you purposefully put yourself in the path of something so dangerous when you can hide someplace in a basement under a heavy blanket?? (Here I have to admit that tornadoes are probably the thing that I am the most scared of in this world. This is one reason why I do not ever want to live in the Midwest again if I can help it. I much prefer living in the land of the nor'easter over Tornado Alley.)

Okay, I have run out of steam and need to get Annika ready for bed so that is all I have for now.

  • (thought of another one) when John and Kate are going to decide that everything being public is not good for their kids. I am so sick of seeing them every where. I already didn't really care for her because she always seems to be a bit of a ball buster on the show (may just be the way they show her). There are so many things wrong with this whole situation. First, it seems to me that they are kind of selling there family out so they will have money for their kids futures (I think that is the excuse that I heard). I think they will need most of that money for counseling for all 8 of their children by the time it is all said and done. They must not watch any television, subscribe to any magazines, or spend much time in public places because those kids would surely notice their parents faces spread everywhere. I think once the paparazzi got involved I would be done. If the rumors of cheating and divorce don't ruin them, all of the recent bikini pictures may push them over the edge.


Keagan said...

School's almost over...just hang in! I'm in that summer mode already too, but before you know it it'll be august and we'll be excited to be going back. Oh the joys of teaching!

ris said...

I worked w/ a gal named Kitty.

And another gal I worked with used to talk about a girl she knew in school named Honey.

Everyone is talking about Jon & Kate. I hear ya.

I also hear ya on the weather chaser thing. Never understood that myself. But if you're referring to that Vortex2 thing on The Weather Channel, at least they're doing it for research & have put much effort into taking it seriously :) And oh last night they were in Saline Co., KS!!