Sunday, May 03, 2009

promised pictures

Annika's first encounter with the Easter Bunny. The other kids all ran away crying (big brother even hid behind me), but little Ms. Spicy went right over to say hello.
Easter morning wasn't our best to date. No one waited for me with the camera and Annika had a major melt down. She is crying in this picture but you can't see it because of the cat's tail.

Easter Brunch
Alex in praire dog town at the Bronx Zoo

Giving a caterpillar a drink in the butterfly garden
Trying to be patient while Daddy buys the tickets at the zoo

Annika in her tree hugger dress
Climbing a spider web

Alex and Annika at Hampton Beach


Jan said...

Absolutely LOVING the wide-eyed wonder of the Easter Bunny!!!

Looks like it was great fun at the Bronx Zoo, as well as, the Hampton's!!!

Also, LOVING Miss Annika's tree hugger dress!!

Alex in praire dog town is too Funny!!! Looks like he had a blast!!!

Keagan said...

That first picture of Annika and the bunny is too precious! Hope all is well with you guys!