Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A bunch of stuff

  • Annika is an the verge of walking. She is cruising all over the place and starting to walk behind her push toy-lion thingy. She has taken one or two hesitant step as she lunges toward you. Shouldn't be much longer until she is running all over the place here.
  • Alex has become an expert on the presidency. I was told yesterday as we pulled into the parking lot where we would vote that no matter who won, this election would make history. Today he told me that once he turned 35 he would run for president and then change the law so that Annika can run when she gets older (since she wasn't born in the US).
  • Annika has started to try out silverware. She really likes to hold the spoon/fork in here left hand and feed herself with her right hand. I have a good video of mashed potatoes that I will load once I can find the cord to my digital camera.
  • I had treacle taffy for the first time today. A British woman I work with brought it in for Guy Fawkes day today (Hadn't heard of that before today). I remember reading about treacle in Harry Potter, but always thought it was something made up for the book (cut me some slack, I grew up in the middle of Kansas). Turns out treacle is molasses (or like molasses???). We decided it was similar to a mix between fudge and homemade caramel.
  • I am very excited that Barrack Obama won!!!! I personally find it ridiculous that it took so long for an African American to be elected president. I guess it just took the right person to get it done.
  • Yesterday I took an exit poll. There was a question on there about if race affected my decision. I thought it was talking about how the campaign race, advertising, etc. were handled. I actually completely finished the questions and then reread it before I realized that it was talking about the race of the candidates.
  • I am happy that Obama won (already said that I guess), but now we have to see Oprah gushing all over the place. That woman just really gets under my skin. I NEVER watch her show and avoid her at any cost, but when I turned on the television this morning there she was carrying on. YUCK!!!

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