Monday, September 08, 2008


So the first Sunday has come and gone. My Chiefs started 0-1 (no surprise) and still managed to cause heartbreak throughout the land of the Patriots. They managed to (accidentally) take out Tom Terrific. According to all of the talk radio folks, this is the end of the world as we know it. Listening today you would have thought that he was dying or something. I am SORRY but one player does not make the entire NFL. GET OVER IT!!!!

In other (much funnier) news, Mr. Ochocinco still has to be C. Johnson when he wears his jersey. Seems that the jersey maker, Reebok, had already made all of the jerseys for the season and they said C. Johnson on them. So, unless Ochocinco wants to buy all of the already produced jersey, he will remain C. Johnson. Guess you should have planned ahead a little better, Knucklehead!!!!!

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Allison said...

Our house is trying to feel bad for the Pats too...we're not doing too well at that...we're not trying too hard either. Oh well. Love the new pics--what cute little girls!