Saturday, September 06, 2008

Birthday Party

Today was the birthday party for the Jiangxi Spicy Girls. There were seven families who were able to attend. And despite the soggy ending, we all had a great time. There was a ton of food (we will be eating left overs for days) and lots of catching up. The girls all looked the same but bigger and we took another red sofa picture (with similar results to the first). I made fancy birthday hats for everyone in hopes of getting a group picture. Annika fell asleep right before we lit the 14 candles (one for each either recently turned or soon to be one year old) and missed out on the hat fun, but we did take some pictures once the guest had all left. Hanna (the storm) arrived just as David was heading out to grill (Thanks to G. for the assist as umbrella man). She stuck around and it really started pouring when it was time for everyone to leave which lead to alot of wet dads.

I have posted a few pictures today and will have more once I get the pictures off of David's camera and receive some by email.


Georgia Girl said...

I can't wait to see the other pictures!

Gail said...

Love the pictures!
You did a great job decorating for the party!
Looking forward to seeing MORE!!