Friday, August 15, 2008

New Tricks

  • Annika had her third early intervention visit this afternoon. Last week we were given two assignments, crawling on hands and knees and work on starting to pull up to standing. We have been practicing the pulling up all week but she hadn't done it by herself, only with assistance. Today, the therapist put the toy up on the ottoman and Annika crawled right over, got up on her knees, put her foot down and pulled right up ALL BY HERSELF. She has done it a couple of times since them this afternoon. I will try to catch it on video tomorrow so I can share it here.
  • Yesterday I gave Jake (the dog) two biscuits and stepped out of the room for a couple seconds. When I walked back in, he and Annika were laying facing each other, each with their own dog biscuit. I guess she must have been hungry and figured since she always shares with him, he should share with her.
  • Anytime the red eye light on my camera comes on, she stops what she is doing and makes the most awful, hysterical face. She wrinkles her nose, squints her eyes, and smiles so big you can see all five (soon to be six) of her teeth.
  • Alex has a few new tricks, too. He has started occupational therapy and one of his at home exercises is to run the vacuum cleaner. This one is really hard on me, especially since we need to run it daily since the Little Miss Lint-Picker eats everything she picks out of the carpet (her current favorite is dog hair). Other exercises include carrying in the groceries, putting groceries away, carrying laundry baskets, taking out the trash, and putting away laundry (no, I am not teasing, these things are really on the exercise list). Now he no longer complains when I ask him to help with these things because the OT said he should do them (He loves OT so anything the therapist says is fine with him)

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Two Pearls / New England H Family said...

Alex is welcome to come to my house and do his OT any time he wants!!! :) I'd even pay for him to do his OT, although EJ is getting better at doing her chores for her allowance now.