Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let the countdowns begin

With the summer coming to an end, it is time for several changes to occur around here. Here is a list.

  • Ten more days before I go back to work. I am so not ready at this point. School has been my last priority (actually not even on the radar AT ALL) this summer. I have been too busy enjoying my time with the kids and finishing up my last grad class. I have already started to get the annual pre-school year jitters. I haven't actually progressed to the insomnia phase yet, but I have been staying up watching the Olympics so it is hard to know if there is insomnia or not.
  • Ten days until Annika becomes a daycare kid. We have visited twice now and plan to stop in a couple more times before she actually starts. She has been fine with getting down on the floor and playing with the toys in her room. She hasn't really interacted with the other kids but was happy to see the teacher the second time we visited. I know it will be good for her to be around other kids, but I still feel guilty about leaving her.
  • Twelve days until Alex becomes a third grader. He is very excited because one of his best friends is going to be in his class this year. I have heard good things about his teacher. The teacher he had last year worked with him very well and helped us discover some things to help him succeed. I am really hoping that this teacher will be as understanding as Mrs.C was.
  • Seven days until the graduate classes are finished. This is the thing I am most excited about. These classes have made the last year one of the most difficult I have ever had. They have totally fried my brain, I don't even think that I remember half of the information that I "learned" in them. I am very proud of my grades,but honestly don't know how I ended up doing as well as I did. Most of the time I got to the point where I felt like I just couldn't do anymore and handed the assignments in.

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