Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little Lady and Yes We Know She is Adorable

Annika had another doctors visit this morning to get her third set of shots. She gained a pound and a half since our last visit, which puts her up to 17.7 lbs. It seems like she eats sooooooo much and she has only gained a little over two and a half pounds since we have returned home. Doc S is not worried about her weight so we aren't sweating it. I guess our family is just going to be on both extremes of the size scale. You have the three big white people and the itty bitty Asian. We have always joked that our daughter would probably be very tiny because we are so big and I guess we were right.

I was going through some of Alex's old clothes the other day and I found the Elmo sweatshirt that Alex wore to his first birthday party, it was a size 18 months. Annika is just now starting to outgrow her 6 to 9 month stuff.

People comment all the time about how tiny she is. Why do people always call small babies a little peanut? I swear if one more person says she looks like a little China doll I am going to either scream or hit them. Okay since I have gone here I am going to go all the way. I am starting to get embarrassed by the number of people who comment on Annika being cute, adorable, beautiful, etc. I know they are being nice, but after you hear it every time you go out in public it gets a little old. Today at the doctors office, four people from the back actually came out to look at her because one of them saw her through a window. I have had people at the mall cut across the traffic in the if the walkway to comment on her. We don't really get that many adoption comments, mainly physical appearance comments. I thought maybe it was the pigtails, but we still get comments with her hair down. I try to not make eye contact with people which seems to help a very little bit. At first it was nice to have people say nice things about our baby, now it is getting to be embarrassing. I am glad that she doesn't understand what people are saying and it doesn't seem to bother Alex to have his sister admired (he usually agrees with them, saying she is the cutest baby ever!!). I usually just say thank you and keep moving because I figure making a flip comeback isn't going to help since it is different people making the same comment over (and over and over and over).

*Don't mean to sound like a whiner about the comments from strangers, but it is getting to be annoying.


Anonymous said...

Grandma and Papa think she's pretty cute too so guess you will just have to be offended. I was always extra proud when people commented on how cute you were when you were a baby. I don't see the problem!!!

Allison said...

We get lots of comments too, so I know what you're talking about. I just smile and say "thank you." They always seem to miss the parts where he's screaming his little head off...not so cute then. I guess that Annika being beautiful will be your cross to bear ;) That's better than "Oh goodness, what happened to your baby?!"

Georgia Girl said...

I'm with you girl... I had 'em hanging out the Chick-fil-a drive thru window today taking turns trying to see in my back seat... it's everywhere. And my sister has a baby who's 3 months old & she doesn't get 3/4 the comments I do. It's the Asian thing... I'm convinced!

Steve and Jen said...

I'm with you on this one. I think I have perfected the no eye contact/quick "thank you"/no slowing down move. haha!!

Julie said...

Oh, get used to it, baby. Speaking as a four-year veteran of the "cute" wars, it won't get better anytime soon. We'll have to talk at the birthday party. I know it's meant to be nice, but it gets offensive when it's so CONSTANT. I've perfected the art of no-eye-contact in public, but sometimes I resent that we can't just go forth and be a family without attracting so much attention. It's a whole other subject for another day.