Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Annika the Explorer

Annika is getting better at crawling everyday (up on hands and knees totally) and has now discovered that she can move around to different parts of the house. She has mapped out all of the reachable wires in the living room and family room, discovered the one outlet that did not have a cover on it (I took care of that quickly), learned to open the dog food container, attempted to pull up on almost every piece of sharp furniture that we own (stays away from the padded chairs, loves the glass tables with the metal legs), figured out how to work the cat door to the basement, and loves to wonder into our bedroom to play with the shoes and pocket change on the floor. Thank goodness she hasn't discovered the stairs yet. I looked up today and she was under the glass coffee table, leaving fingerprints that will be almost impossible for us to clean off, maybe we will just leave them there as a memento of how tiny they are. I am guessing it won't be much longer until she discovers the other two rooms on the first floor (and the stairs).

She is surprisingly fast and very quiet so if you look down for a couple of seconds when you look up she is gone. Unless of course she is performing her other new trick, jabbering on and on at top volume. Alex and I decided that she is going to be a whale whisperer when she grows up.


amy said...

she sounds just precious

Aunt Chelle said...

It sounds like she is really shaking up your world at your house!!! I can't wait to see her at Christmas when she is running around chasing all the other kids and they are all screaming along with her. Makes me miss her even more everytime I read new things that she is doing. Miss Alex also and bet he is loving every minute of the new things she is doing.

Aunt Chelle