Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Travel Meeting

We had a meeting for our travel group this afternoon and received our travel itinerary. The meeting was basically to cover the travel package that they sent us before we got our referral and to cover any questions that people may have. Here are the highlights of the trip

Thursday, May 22 Fly out 6 a.m. (Have to stay in Boston on Wednesday night so we can get to the airport early enough. )

Friday, May 23 Arrive at 9:40 p.m. (That's right 27 hours of travel, good thing I have LOTS of things to keep me busy on the plane. By the time we finally leave I may be so exhausted that I just kick back and sleep the entire way. They are showing 3 movies on the plane that I wanted to see but have not had the opportunity to watch yet and I bought two books to read as well. I also received a Nintendo DS for Mother's Day so I need to get some "work" done on that as well.)

Saturday, May 24 Great Wall (SO EXCITED about this. I am hoping to overlook my fear of height and just do it. You may hear a story about a stupid American who climbed up and then refused to get back down because it was too scary. That would be me.)

Sunday, May 25 Tienanmen Square/Forbidden City (SO EXCITED about this); leave for Annika's province (YAHOO!!!!!!! FINALLY)

Monday, May 26 Meet Miss Annika Lin LuMu (Can't wait to get hold of those cheeks!!!!!!)

Wednesday and Thursday, May 28-29 Sightseeing (check back for lots of pictures)

Friday, May 30 Head for Guangzhou (White Swan here we come)

Sunday, June 1 Sightseeing (possible Converse factory tour, can't wait to check it out)

Tuesday, June 3 Take Oath (SHE'S STUCK WITH US NOW!!!!!!)

Wednesday, June 4 Hong Kong

Thursday, June 5 Fly Home at 8:50 am

Thursday, June 5 Arrive Home 5:10 pm (OH if only it just took around 7 hours to fly home. I already know that everything I am bringing for the way to China will be replaced with short bursts of Disney movies, plastic keys, dirty diapers, and snugly blankets. Hoping trip home highlights do not include any form of baby eruptions and lots of sleeping.)

When we travel I will only be posting on the travel blog (or Allison will be posting for me). I will post the link when I start doing that.


Allison said...

I've been meaning to tell you...I'm going to be out of internet connection from Friday evening (the 23rd) until Tuesday afternoon (the whatever that day is). I'll catch everyone up when I can, but I'll be on an island in Ohio those days with no wireless (unless my uncle installed it...). Let me know if you still want me to ghost blog for you since I'll stink at it those first few days.

Two Pearls / New England H Family said...

Hey Carrie...are you guys going to DC then Beijing? My guess is some other route, cause your travel is longer than ours was!

On your way to and from the Great Wall, watch out the bus windows. You'll see the Olympic stadium and the once-started-then-abandoned Beijing Disney.

Do you know if your national guide is Rose or Chen Chen?