Monday, May 05, 2008

More to Stress About

Does China not know that we are already stressed out enough?  Now they have decided that you are only allowed to carry-on ONE bag and it can only weigh 11 pounds.  WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!  I am okay with their no liquids requirements, not a problem.  But I have to carry on a lyphodema pump  (so that the maniac baggage people don’t break it) and I have prescription meds that cannot be lost (don’t want a blood clot while I am in China).  The bag that I use to carry the pump weighs 5 lbs by itself, add the pump and I am pretty sure I am already over their new limit.   I am working on a doctor’s note for the pump and meds.  He wrote me one last week, but I am asking him to reword it to say that I have to have it with me at all times.  In addition to my issues, David carries about 40 lbs (okay maybe it is really just 20 lbs) of camera equipment with him everywhere plus he’ll have a laptop on this trip.  We are going to be in serious trouble!!!!  This doesn’t even take into account that one leg of the trip will include a baby with diapers, wipes, toys, etc., etc..  I wonder what they are doing about bottles?!?!?!?


Does anyone know how long the flights between Beijing and Nanchang and Nanchang and Guangzhou? 


On a brighter note, we received out passports back from the consulate today.  So we are visa-ed up and ready to roll (once we figure out the packing junk).


Ruby Cate said...

Ok, if memory serves, the flights from Beijing to Nanchang was roughly 2 & 1/2 hours give or take. The flights from Nanchang to Guangzhou was only a little over an hour. Even better... AND not that this is really a big deal, but on one of those flights, we got free umbrellas! (I picked a pink one...) and only reason I mention that is because yesterday, I used that pink umbrella ALL DAY!
Saved me from looking like a drowned rat! ;)

Hope that helps!

-Amy & Ruby Cate
(who is sick with a fever of 102.4... good times.)

Kristin said...

We're in the same boat with the carry-on items. M has a laptop and I have the 20 pounds of camera equiptment!

I also read on a China airlines website that we can't bring batteries on board either, so I'm wondering if that applies to random loose batteries, or do we have to take the batteries OUT of the electronics in the carry on?

Gail said...

I was planning on bringing electronics for Loren.
Lots of questions for the travel meeting, that's for sure.

Got an email from a waiting mom whose friend is in China now and found out that China is not allowing any blogging from China until the Olympics are over.
She will give me more info as she gets it.

This constantly changing journey to China.

Two Pearls / New England H Family said...

I agree with Ruby Cate - from what I remember, the flight from Beijing to Nanchang was a tad over two hours and then Nanchang to Guangzhou is quick - only about an hour.

You might also consider having CAWLI translate the dr's note for you into Chinese, and be sure to inform your travel guide that you need to have it with you. She can help lobby with the airlines. I'm not sure, but you might want to tell Sherry at CAWLI in advance, as she might be able to arrange for special instructions with the airlines for you? Just a suggestion, not sure if she can do it.

When we were there, we took hot water in the thermos on all the internal flights to mix bottles with. They opened the thermos and sniffed it but I guess it didn't smell dangerous, so they let us on.