Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Feeling Better Today

I contacted my agency about my carry-on dilemma and they have got the scoop for me. They emailed me today and said that I should be fine. They have contacted the airline and filled them in on the situation and we will need to check in with the airline as soon as we get to the airport on each leg of our trip. They are also going to translate my doctor’s note (am picking up the new improved one this afternoon). So I will be allowed to carry on the suitcase with my pump in it (and they said I could also take a purse along as well, but the suitcase has extra room in it so I will probably just throw everything in there). I will still worry about this until we actually get through with all of our in country flights, but this makes me feel a little better about the whole situation.

I also have asked a friend to be my back-up blogger while we are in China. I was told of a rumor that China will be blocking all blogspot site until the Olympics are over. I will try to email in posts, but if that doesn’t work than my friend Allison is going to help me out.

I am so ready for this to all be over!!!!!!!


Mom of 5 said...

I hope you can get info posted !

Ruth's Place said...

The back up blogger is a great idea. My MIL is working in China at the moment, and she emailed yesterday to say she can no longer access blogs.

Have a safe trip!