Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We have a ribbon

The teachers in the school district where are work are about 5 days from going on strike. We have been without a contract for 18 months and feel we are getting no where. Negotiation continued today and schedule again for later in the week. Hopefully it will be settled by Friday.

The parents (and various others) from the community are holding a rally tonight to show support for us. They are going to start wearing navy ribbons. We actually have our own support ribbon. I think that on some level that is kind of funny but on another it is a little pitiful that this has got to such a level that people feel a need to actually wear a visible sign of their support. I appreciate it so much when I hear that people say they are supporting us and they appreciate us and it will be nice to see the ribbons. Hopefully they won't have to wear them more than a couple of days and we won't miss any school and this will all end before the end of the week. (Keep your fingers crossed for us)


Julie Siegel said...

Like you don't have enough going on right now....

This was probably not the distraction you were hoping for, right?

Well, good luck.

Steve and Jen said...

Hi Carrie. I know how frustrating this must be for you, I went through the same thing with my school a few years ago. Holding signs, work to rule, the whole thing. Not fun! I saw a story on your district on the news last night. I hope things get settled soon. Teaching is hard enough as it is without this and an impending adoption going on!!

Best of luck,