Monday, March 24, 2008

Three Little Words

I have been laying out of the queendom (well, only going there twice a day, mainly for the forum, versus the hourly visit of the same time last month) over the last couple of weeks. I find myself being drawn there more this week. Searching for those three little words that mean the end is near. Those of you who are in the same boat probably know what I am talking about. I check hoping for those magical words. MATCHING HAS BEGUN. I think that they are the word that will totally shut me down at this point. MATCHING HAS BEGUN. OMG, we are going to parents again. MATCHING HAS BEGUN. Someone will finally be looking at our file and picking some little person who is going to be our #4. MATCHING HAS BEGUN. There will finally be a child in China who is ours and is waiting for Mommy and Daddy to come and get them (even though they don't know they are waiting). MATCHING HAS BEGUN. We will (probably) receive our referral within a week of those three words. Those three little words make my heart skip a beat, make my hands tremble, make me feel a little light-headed. For month I have wondered how it would feel to finally know that we were being matched. Now, I am wondering all the time: Have they started? Does someone have our file open right now with a pile of baby pictures next to it? How will they decide if we get the kid versus Julie or Jen and Steve or Gail or Kristin or any of the other families in our travel group? Can't they do this any faster so the D*** wait will finally end? Will we get referrals before our travel group lunch because I really want to go baby shopping at the Natick Mall (Oh and share pictures with everyone, of course) while we are there.



Julie Siegel said...

There's a thread in the 1/06 room in which someone says (two someones, in fact) that their agency (same agency, I think) emailed them and said those three little words you long to read: Matching has begun.
Thought you'd wanna know.

Gail said...

I think IT has begun.
Now we wait some more UGH!
What is amazing is when you get YOUR baby/child versus Julie's, Jen and Steve's, Kristen's or mine you know that YOUR child was just supposed to be YOURS.
No matter what. Good or Bad, Happy or Sad.
She/He was meant to be yours and your heart fills with so much love for this little one.
I hope our children are in the same province so I can witness your Forever Day.