Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Does anyone else feel icky about the fact that the Red Sox (and I'm assuming the Oakland A's as well) are each getting $40,000 to travel to Japan to play two baseball games? That is almost more than a lot of people make annually. I am a big fan of professional athletics (although not the Red Sox. GO YANKEES) but the salaries are out of control. It blows my mind that these people get payed millions of dollars to play a game while "normal" people who have jobs that serve the public like firemen, police officers, teachers, etc. often get payed poorly and can barely scrape by month to month. Where I work we have been with out a contract for over two years and I think it may be getting ugly there soon. I guess that may be why these outrageous salaries are getting on my nerves more than usual.

Okay, this is totally of topic, but I am watching the news. They just interviewed a prison spokeswoman about a prisoner in RI who got released today. She was standing out in the rain with a My Pretty Pony umbrella (and it was broken). Don't you think they could have found something a little more grown up for someone speaking on the Boston news fro a prison???

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Two Pearls / New England H Family said...

My DH and I have this conversation a lot. He is frustrated by how much it costs to go to games (which is why we don't usually go), but quite frankly, it's just supply and demand. As long as the Sox are hot and Fenway is small, there will be rising demand to see all those folks with the outrageously high salaries. I don't think of them as sports salaries anymore. Manny makes $20 million a year, but some actors and actresses make $20 million for a few months work on a movie. I just consider the players salaries to be entertainment salaries now.

I DO, however, have a problem with how little we value teachers and public service work. We expect teachers to turn out the next generation of educated children, yet we pay them so poorly.